Rosiński: Metaphor Activation in Multimodal Discourse

Nakładem wydawnictwa Semper ukazała się książka Macieja Rosińskiego Metaphor Activation in Multimodal Discourse Case studies on the emergence of geometrical concepts (Warszawa, 2020).

The book examines the phenomenon of metaphor activation in the context of mathematics. Throughout the case studies, it is shown how study participants, who needed to explain simple geometrical concepts, express metaphorical thought in speech, gesture and drawings, thus fully engaging their embodied minds with the problems at hand. The goal of the book is to show that metaphors in mathematics, rather than being dead, have the potential to organise the discourse of mathematics, and mathematics education. The study received an award from the Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of cognitive linguistics, defended in 2018.

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